29 julio 2010

MMM - Calm the rage (Terry Ronald)

You bite into my love
and you burned an edge that was ever there before
when you came to me so precious baby
to lay the plans of life forever more
there's a comfort by your smile- to satisfy
when i take my chance i'll be helpless if you pass me by

If I could make you stay-oh baby won't you stay
and help me calm the rage

Like across i had to bare
denied the light of lovers everywhere
and low your thoughts surround me- to set me free
I learned to lay my heart within your care
Though I smelled the fine seduction at my door
would you keep in mind the love that we made before


On every afternoon, the more I make love to you
can I be told anymore?
behind your eyes to find
the sweet love of a child in mind
calm the rage, calm the storm

Like a prisoner of love
Like we left the ties above
help me calm the rage.

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