25 julio 2013

Camins, vora les estrelles

Es tiempo de recordar esa fecha especial de los peregrinos, en unos momentos en que Santiago está en nombre de muchos, por una de esas cosas que nunca sabes por qué.pasan y que todos acaban explicando el motivo.

Por todos aquellos que terminan una parte de su camino
Por todos aquellos que ahora empiezan una parte de su camino
Por todos aquellos que nunca dejan de caminar

Mucha foto. Muchas cosas revueltas. La maravilla del caos. Las partidas que andas jugando día a día..

Siempre peregrinos, con vosotros y con Santiago.

Como si llegaran a buen puerto mis ansias,
como si hubiera donde hacerse fuerte,
como si hubiera por fin destino para mis pasos,
como si encontrara mi verdad primera,

16 julio 2013

MMM - Claire (Gilbert O'Sullivan)


Claire. The moment I met you, I swear.
I felt as if something, somewhere,
had happened to me, which I couldn't see.

And then, the moment I met you, again.
I knew in my heart that we were friends.
It had to be so, it couldn't be no.

But try as hard as I might do, I don't know why.
You get to me in a way I can't describe.

Words mean so little when you look up and smile.
I don't care what people say, to me you're more than a child.

Oh Claire. Claire ...

Claire. If ever a moment so rare
was captured for all to compare.
That moment is you in all that you do.

But why in spite of our age difference do I cry.
Each time I leave you I feel I could die.

Nothing means more to me than hearing you say,
"I'm going to marry you. Will you marry me? Oh hurray!"

Oh Claire. Claire ...

Claire, I've told you before "Don't you dare!"

"Get back into bed."
"Can't you see that it's late."
"No you can't have a drink."
"Oh allright then, but just just wait a minute."

While I, in an effort to babysit, catch up on my breath,
what there is left of it.

You can be murder at this hour of the day.
But in the morning the sun will see my lifetime away.

Oh Claire. Claire ...

Oh Claire.